{Whimsical Feature} Love Letters

This was such a cute party to find in my inbox! Shevi from Little Wish Cakes did such an amazing and loving job on this “Love Letters” dessert table for her husband! What a lucky guy!


Here is what Shiva had to say about the party and a little background on the theme!

This is a table i put together with a lot of love for my husband (who will be celebrating his 39th in a few days). He is also leaving on a short trip (work related). Since moving to Australia, this is the first time, he is going to be away. As much as we are happy for his progress it does sadden me and my kids. He also loves the colour red!

When we were first dating 15 years ago, being young and from very conservative backgrounds we were not allowed to date. Our only consolations were the letters that we wrote each other. Then after we got engaged again he had to leave for a year to another country and guess what got us through – “Love Letters”. Now as he gets ready to embark on his next adventure, I thought the best theme would be ‘Love Letters” for the table I was putting together for his birthday.

My main aim was to create something beautiful that would not cost much. Therefore most of the details and decorations are handmade. The back drop is made out of paper serviettes scrunched and glued in the shape of a heart on a hessian covered board. I used old books from the op shop for the heart cut-out on the streamers, for the tray liners, around the cake and on the name tags. I used coir – a type of natural fibre to wrap around tin buckets which were used as flowers pots. Brown paper was used as backing paper in the picture frame trays.

The cookies were in the shape of envelops – sealed with a kiss. And the cupcakes had little love messages written on them.


 These cupcakes are just gorgeous!!




 I really like the use of the burlap around the bottom of the cake stand.










•         The Styling, Cake, Cookies, Cupcakes, Irish Cream Liqueur, Streamers, Table cloth and Name tags were hand made by me – {Little Wish Cakes}

•         The beautiful Photographs were by {Joanne}

•         The yummy Macarons – {Eugenes Patisserie}


  1. I do love those cupcakes! Are the fondant with food coloring marker?

  2. Such a cute party! Love all of the little details.