Tissue Paper Pom Poms with DIY’s

So, I am planning my daughters first birthday party and have been coming up with SOOOOOO  many ideas. That’s partly were this blog comes from. That and my twins Thing 1 & Thing 2 Birthday, which I’ll post soon. Anyways, one idea I keep seeing everywhere are these Tissue Paper Pom Poms. They come small to large and are just so dang cute!! I plan to have them and chinese lanterns along with butterflies (cut out with my brand new Silhouette!!) and flowers hanging from the canopy above the table. I’m so excited!!!
These napkin holder ones are perfect to mix on the table too! Check out Lillyella for a great tutorial

Martha Stewart has a great tutorial also. When doesn’t she?!
These here are just absolutely perfect to hang from trees and if I have enough time I will put them on the trees for the birthday also! Over at Once Wed there is a great tutorial for these pretty Pom Pom Vines.
Ooooh… I can’t wait till Little LaLa’s 1st Birthday!!!