{Whimsical Feature} WALL-E Party!

WALL-E is one of my favorite movies! My kids, not so much but for me, I just can’t help but love it! Especially when he falls in LOVE with EVA… and how he says her name too!! I was so over the moon when I saw this party put on by Jenny of Crossing the Bugger-Dixon!!! Check out the photos and I’m sure you will be dying with envy! I so love the “plant samples”!!! [Read more…]

{Whimsical Feature} First Class Mail Party!

I think this First Class Mail Party by Jenny of Crossing the Bugger-Dixon is beyond amazing!! What a way to think outside the box! :) I so love that she was able to get the mailman to park his truck outside their house!! What an awesome mailman! Either that or he knew the types of parties Jenny throws! Who would want to miss that?! [Read more…]

{Whimsical Feature} A Nautical First Birthday!

I love featuring such awesome parties and this Nautical First Birthday Party by Jenny of Crossing the Bugger-Dixon for the Bird’s Party Magazine Issue is right up my ally! She did such an amazing job! [Read more…]